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Sofra raised the bear Mark, while Mark named SOFRA.

After his departure, the greater the distance between them, the greater the story about his first home.


Cultural heritage, tradition and a deep connection with the land are what characterize the Albanian table. The preparation of dishes is a warm ritual, where tradition is combined with modern innovations, bringing quality and taste to your dish. For us, food is a way to express love and care for others, and at the laid table, every meal becomes a ceremony of happiness and a display of Albanian hospitality.
On November 1, 2021, Sofra e Ariut and the two restaurants next to it became part of "Bami Holding". With the vision of building a restaurant complex, where antiquity and the present become one, to bring the Albanians of all over the world and friends from all over the world. Hijerende and Krenare, with its doors always open, will welcome you, the food, the warmth of the fireplace, the distilled wine and the noble service that deserves a laid-back waiter.

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Memories that are engraved
At "Sofra e Ariut", organizing events is an extraordinary experience for every event in our lives. From celebrations, engagements, birthdays, staff parties, anniversaries, baby gender reveal, and other reasons to celebrate with family and friends, we are fully committed to making sure every moment is a memorable one. unforgettable. Our cultural heritage and attention to detail make every event a more engaging experience.

"Small creatures, big smiles - Explore the magic of the mini zoo"

Sofra e Ariut personifies the love for nature and animals. A suitable environment is provided for our animals, ensuring that they have adequate space and care. At Sofra e Ariu, we respect and value the role of animals in the ecosystem and work to ensure that they are treated with respect and love at all times.

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Alpie & Lulu

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Parrot & Birds

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Have a nice day at our playground

Our playground offers a great and exciting environment to explore and enjoy different games.

We are here to ensure that every moment of gaming is an enjoyable experience for our players, offering unwavering service and attention to detail to ensure maximum gaming enjoyment.




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